The Railroad Week in Review:
Third Quarter 1998

  • Week ending September 19, 1998
    Railroad implications of genetically-engineered grain crops; Feds talk of forcing UNP to divest some lines; J B Hunt blames earning shortfall on rail service problems; Emons reports another record quarter; How customer stock-watching can make your railroad more profitable.
  • Week ending September 12, 1998
    Another roller coaster week on Wall Street; Progress in the Conrail Shared Asset Areas; Why RailAmerica's Chile operation looks like WC's English Welsh & Scottish Railway; Further commentary on KCS value and break-up date; RailTex August carloads up slightly.
  • Week ending September 5, 1998
    NS and UP seem least hurt in a volatile trading week; KCS prices hit hard by subsidiary's high-price acquisition; UP service improvements beginning to look real; Amtrak taking up the slack in Northwest strike; RailAmerca acquires another line.
  • Week ending August 29, 1998
    Buying opportunites in the latest Wall Street blood bath; BNSF charts customer value-drivers; Cash flow realities of UP's situation; Report on UP shortline session; RTEX sells line to UP.
  • Week ending August 22, 1998
    Conrail writes "finis" after 22 years and some rather striking accomplishments; CSX and NS move forward on infrastructure improvements for the merger; Further notes on the "span of control" thread; RailAmerica reports first half results; BNSF quarterly and YTD results reflect ideas and innovation.
  • Week ending August 15, 1998
    Why the current depressed level of Wisconsin Central shares remains a mystery; earnings reports from RTEX, PWX; GNWR announces share buy-back, completion of critical PNW rail link; commentary on shortline and regional railroad stock price sell-offs; excerpt of UNP write-up in Barron's; a final note on intermodal yard expansion to serve the NYC market.
  • Week ending August 8, 1998
    WC shares spared in market rout thanks to favorable earnings report; GNWR shares take hosing as estimates are badly missed; trying to predict the lowest ebb for UNP shares; Emons buys another 94 miles from CN; railroad stocks off 8% YTD; further remarks on possible new NS yards in Penna; M&E's Ben Friedland dies 8/3.
  • Week ending August 1, 1998
    CSX, Norfolk report quarterly results - merger costs drive earnings lower for both though NSC reports gains without them; UNP stock higher as STB lifts in the Gulf Coast region, signaling the end of the service crisis in that region; Great Britain's RailTrack shares up following new government focus on non-highway transport; report on visit to the English Welsh & Scottish Railway unit of WC.
  • [No Week in Review for weeks ending July 11-25]
  • Week ending July 4, 1998
    Talk re Kansas City Southern turns to split up value; Shortline profits: whether tis better to buy new lines or build on what you have; UP settles with DuPont, Dow and Union Carbide in talks; YTD stock summary for carriers and vendors.
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